Children’s meditation

I put this together for my Grandchild after I made  my first one for her. She is 9. My Grandson who is 13 said the first one made him so relaxed that he would pay for it. I am taking him at his word and decided it would be lovely to make personalised meditations for […]


Tonight I am so proud to be Scottish. I have just been for a visit to the Social Bite Village for the Homeless. Social Bite started a few years ago by  two people opening a cafe in Rose Street, Edinburgh where people would buy a coffee or meal and leave money to Pay It Forward […]

Having The Confidence To Change

I was reading today about people leaving their jobs and feeling lost as they left workmates behind.  The main thing that I took on board was to make sure you have a life outside work. Those who do many events with workmates can feel more adrift after leaving that workplace. Work should not be all […]

Synchronicity – The Universe Is Listening to you!

I love how synchronicy works. I just had a long conversation with a friend and heard about all the synchronistic things that were happening to her. I have had a few of my own recently including yesterday. I have a complaint open regarding an account I have. As the person persisted on calling me when […]

Communities Come Together For Beast From The East

With the UK getting lots of snow over the last couple of days it brought back memories of when I was  growing up. Back then all we were concerned about was throwing snowballs and making snowmen. Back to today, as an adult, we are now concerned with getting to work safely especially as there was […]

How To Reduce Stress In The Workplace

This is what I posted on Facebook this week and thought I would expand on it a little.“I was looking at my Blog stats today and saw that someone had accessed a blog from 2015. After reading it I had a lightbulb moment. At work I have headphones on and often don’t hear those around […]

Synchronicity and The Celestine Prophecy

I was speaking to someone today about when we can feel like a Victim. The thing that helped me understand this was when I read The Celestine Prophecy. This tells you of the different types of people that come into play in our lives. I found that I was living the life of The Victim.  […]

Looking back over 2017

2017 was an interesting year for many. Politics in the UK have been all about Brexit and some of the false things that were put before the voters. There was also an oil line built through Dakota Indian reservations against the wishes of the Indians living there. There has been a leak there already. Whenever […]

Are You Crazy? Think Again!

I saw this today on my drafts in my Blogger and it got me thinking. I never posted this! There are thousands of people out there, myself included, that know there is more to life than getting up in the morning, going to work and going back home again. Between us we practise Reiki, Meditation, […]

Gratitude for yourself and others