Sun Ancon Chi machine

This week I had a think about my Chi machine sales. Due to the fact they now come from Taiwan, they are more expensive once I include the freight and import charges. Due to this, I have four Sun Ancon Chi machines left at the price of £480. If you can collect from Edinburgh, I […]


This week from 15th June 2019 till 22nd June 2019 is Reiki Awareness week. What is reiki?  It’s one of the best things that ever came into my life. Before I learned reiki, everything was going wrong in my life. I had a marriage breakup, a leaking roof that no one could fix and had […]

Living In The Moment

How is everyone doing now we are into May 2019? It used to be that if you thought the year was passing quickly, people put it down to you being old. Now my Granddaughter Chloe who is 10 years old says the same thing. We just seem to have got Christmas done and then Easter […]

My Easter Thoughts

  As we are coming up to the Easter weekend, a couple of thoughts have been coming into my mind. Reading recently that Atheists are increasing and people going to church are decreasing, where does that leave us? Is Easter just about the children (and sometimes adults) receiving lots of chocolate or do they even […]

What’s Not To Love?

I’m currently having some days without clients. I have been getting a lot of work done in my home.  The kitchen is in progress as I type. I managed to get some workshops and clients in while the Joiner was on a break. During that time I have been working on things behind the scenes. […]

New author on the block

I’ve just done what it says on the title. I can now call myself an author! For many years I have kept a note of the numerous instances of synchronicity in my life. I’m sure if I had written them all down, the book would be at least twice its size. I almost feel like […]

Update plus Special Offer For Reiki

Hi everyone I have been spending time learning more about the business side of my business. I have said before that you never stop learning. While doing this I have also been getting my book ready for publishing. That’s hard work in itself! We are very lucky in Edinburgh to have both the Google Garage […]

Reiki Training in Edinburgh

I sometimes see Reiki teachers teaching over different hours for the levels.  Some like me teach level 1 in one day and level 2 in 2 days. Others teach level 1 in 2 days and level 2 in one day. This can be confusing for prospective students. I always say you should have a chat […]

Time For You!

Posts When you go for a therapy session, does it spoil it for you when you feel you have to leave quickly as there is another person waiting to be seen? It does for me. I remember visiting a well known place and feeling like I was on a conveyor belt. For this reason I […]

Let Me Help You And Others- Assistance Required

This Blog is to let you know about a special offer I have available and I’m also looking for your help. You may know that I use and sell The Sun Ancon Chi Machine. “What’s that” you ask? It was originally made by a Doctor in Japan looking to get more oxygen into the body […]